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The search for trendy but reliable jewelry ends here. Flaunt fabulous finds fit for all of life’s most meaningful and memorable moments. Empower and indulge yourself with exquisite jewelry detailed to make a bold and impactful statement.

An extension of my uniquely bold yet elegant style and my dream to revolutionize the market, Sonreii is where fine craftsmanship meets the simplicities of minimalism. Drawing inspiration from ancient symbolism combined with today’s latest minimalism trends, I built my boutique as a one-stop solution for any, each and every occasion, event or celebration that awaits you on the horizon.


Founder & Vision

I welcome jewelry lovers like myself to discover the second to none dependability, reliability, affordability and durability of well-crafted jewelry made to meet the demands of modern era consumers. You can’t get stronger or better quality without (unnecessarily) forking over a small fortune.

Beacon of empowerment

The magic is in the composition of Sonerii jewelry. Handcrafted by skilled artisans from genuine gold-plated sterling silver or solid gold and accented with precious gemstones, the jewelry is not the least bit flimsy, fragile or frail and always unbeatably stylish. Strong, solid and sturdy, these accessories are especially reliable, extremely comfortable to wear and carefully curated with a high degree of ingenuity.


Glamorous Touch

Bask in the glow of seriously lustrous luxuries by Sonerii. Beam bright and be a brilliant beacon of love and light in bejeweled accessories. Rise up and shine on in treasures handmade with meticulous care.

Customer's Testimonials

Beth Hallent

Sonerii is the best jewelry store that I have ever known about. Excellent product quality, delicate support, super fast delivery. Most of my jewelries have been purchased here. Thanks for great work!

Beth Hallent